Tranquility Essential Oil Blend // Anxiety// Depression// Grounding//


Essential oil blend for aiding with depression, anxiety, grounding, and emotional healing. Can be used for daily anointment, spells, rituals or during meditation.


Let this Tranquility blend help to melt away your stress, anxiety and depression. Leaving you feeling thoroughly calm and relaxed.

Allow yourself to release your worries, become enveloped by the healing essential oils and find balance. This essential oil blend can aid with reducing anxiety, with sedentary properties for deep relaxation.

Tranquility takes me to a beautiful lake, with weeping willow trees gently caressing the water. Swans graciously glide over the water. Escape from the hustle and bustle for a few moments, and enjoy your tranquil moment, wherever it may take you. You deserve this time for you, to be still, at peace.


Sesame Seed Oil- Sesame Seed oil is fantastic for skincare because it is high in Zinc. Sesame seed oil also contains Tyrosine which has been linked to Serotonin in the brain. This means this oil alone is fantastic for aiding with Depression and Anxiety.

Frankincense- Containing sesquiterpenes which takes oxygen to the brain, and this can help to uplift your mood. Frankincense has a known sedative, earthy scent and is fantastic for tackling stress and depression.

Rose Geranium- The oil of unconditional love, this beautiful oil can aid with stress, anxiety and depression. It can help to balance the central nervous system, and has been used to hundreds of years for it anti- depressant qualities.

Vetiver- Vetiver is a sacred herb that has been used for many years because it is so useful for a range of different uses. This oil can unwind emotional tangles, smoothing them out, therefore it is a very grounding oil, promoting inner calm.

Bergamot- Bergamot is know for it’s ability to uplift, promote happiness and combat depression symptoms; it can leave you feeling cheerier. This oil can help you to see the bright side of life, and enable you to process your feelings in a healthy way.





Great care is taken to ensure the healing properties of this product are effective whilst being mild and gentle on your skin, through carefully selecting the finest quality oils and skilfully blending them to bring you a safe and beneficial treatment.
Not suitable for children
Seek medical advice if pregnant or breastfeeding
If causes irritation, cease use immediately, and please always do a patch test before use.
Mild solutions available separately for children and sensitive skin.
Ingredients can always be found printed on the label.


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