Self Love Essential Oil Blend// Aids with Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Depression


Essential Oil blend for Self Love, Self Esteem and Self Acceptance. This blend can help with depression, self confidence, and aid with self development.


Self love is so important, and something that is too often forgotten in our daily rouine.

The term pouring from an empty cup comes to mind; it is important to remember this. This starts with you, with self love, life becomes just that little bit easier, and what others think or say about us becomes less important.

With self confidence comes success, when we believe in ourselves anything is possible, so it is very VERY important to practise self love!

Whilst I was creating this blend I kept this in mind; I wanted something for myself, to help build my own self esteem. I wanted an easy way to practise self love daily.
This roller ball is perfect for me. It is oh so easy to forget, or not have time for doing a ceremony, ritual etc on a daily basis.
With this oil blend I anoint my pulse points in the morning, and as the beautiful scent travels to my nose, and through my body, I have a moment for myself.
A little thank you to my body, an acknowledgment of myself, and start my day off with self love.

The oils used in this blend are:

Rose Geranium- is a beautiful oil that connects with the heart Chakra, it is an oil of love and trust. This oil helps us to love and trust in ourself.

Frankincense- this beautiful oil has depression decreasing properties, this oil helps to uplift our emotional state. Frankincense also has hormone balancing properties, which is fantastic for ‘that time of the month’ !

Bergamot- Bergamot has anti depressant properties. It has been used to uplift moods for a long time. It is a very uplifting oil, and can also aid with stress. Bergamot has been shown to reduce blood pressure caused by stress in various studies.

Chamomile Roman- Chamomile is a very calming oil. It can aid with realising your potential, it can help you to realise your life’s purpose, making it a fantastic oil to be using daily as part of your self love routine.

Great care is taken to ensure the healing properties of this product are effective whilst being mild and gentle on your skin. Through carefully selecting the finest quality oils and skilfully blending them to bring you a safe and beneficial treatment.
Not suitable for children.
Seek medical advice if pregnant or breastfeeding.
If causes irritation, cease use immediately;
Mild solutions available separately for children and sensitive skin.
Ingredients are printed on the back of the bottle.

Please note that you are ordering the oil only, all other items shown and for display purposes.


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