Custom Essential Oil Blend


Request a Custom Essential Oil Blend, consultation and a hand tailored blend especially for you!


Essential oils are fantastic for so many different purposes, it would impossible to make a blend for every different need; which is why I would like to offer a custom essential oil blend.

The safety of essential oils is so important to me, and I do lots of research into all aspects including contraindications with medications that you may be taking, cross check all oils to ensure they will not interact with any problems you may be experiencing, so that you can have peace of mind that the oils in your blend will be as safe for use as I can possibly attain.

Once your order your custom blend, I will ask you what you would like you blend for; for example for helping with grieving the loss of a pet, or for helping you to become more calm.
I will then ask you for some information about any medications you take, and pre-existing health conditions you have, or any concerns you have about the essential oils, for example you may not like Lavender, or you may know that Chamomile gives you a head ache; so I will ensure to stay away from any oils you don’t like, you may be allergic to ( example- nut oils if you have a nut allergy) or that could interact in a negative way.

I will then create your custom essential oil blend for you, and post it out- simple!

You will receive 1 10ml essential oil roller ball, which a document out lining all of the oils I have used, why I have used them and how to use your new oil blend.

From ordering you can expect your oil blend to be sent to you within 5 working day to allow me the time to create your oil- I don’t rush, so I don’t miss anything!

I look forward to receiving your order and making you a beautiful blend of essential oils with my pure and natural oils to promote your best health and well being!

Love and Light,

Gaia xxx


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