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Essential Oil Safety

I have wanted to address this for a while; but I needed to know that I had the facts. Why don’t all essential oil blends smell very strong, and a bit of a misunderstanding about what they are for and how they can be used in different ways. And how NOT to use them.

So I create essential oil blends for most emotional healing, an example being one of my brand new essential oil blends for focus and concentration ( which will launch soon!!! )

These essential oil blends are designed to be used on the pulse points, HOWEVER the healing doesn’t come from the scent. Yes it does smell amazing, but this isn’t exactly the point of the oil. The way the oils are going to work is behind the scenes, from the inside after they are absorbed by the body.

Aromatherapy is therapy through the scent of the oils, however you should NEVER put neat essential oils on to the skin. “but I put neat Lavender oil on my skin everyday and I’m fine”- well dear person, this is your choice, but it doesn’t make it safe.

There are numerous cases where one drop of neat Lavender oil has caused permanent skin sensitisation.
Each essential oil has it’s own safe dilution rate, but as a guide 2% is the generally accepted dilution for healthy adults. For children is it 1-1.5%.
So when using essential oils on your skin you should not go over 2%.
Aromatherapy usually involves diffusing essential oils, NOT putting them on the skin, meaning that you are able to use neat essential oils, and the scent can be as strong or weak as you wish.

And then we have perfume oils, made with essential oils, and usually alcohol which enhances the scent, and acts as a dispersant. Some sites will tell you that you can use 5% for a perfume oil; or ever higher. But the problem with doing this is the risk of irritating the skin- unless you know the dilution rate for EACH essential oil you are using.

Essential oils are very unregulated, and there is a lot of different information out there on the good old internet, and depending who you talk to, depends what answer you will get.
I personally choose to follow the safety precautions very seriously, I have tried “safe oils to use neat” from some big brands, and guess what- I got a rash.
It is very individual, and some will be fine with using oils neat, however for some it can be a very painful learning curb!
Back to my essential oil blends, they are never blended to a higher dilution than 2%. I want people to be able to use my oil blends without having to worry about anything other than the lovely healing.

My sacred space space sprays are diluted to 5% as they are not designed for use on the skin. When I want to use a spray as a perfume, or to stay with me through the day for cleansing I will spray onto my clothes, so I can have the wonderful aroma with me all day.

I personally like to find a happy medium, and always do my best to ensure the quality of my oils is to a high standard in scent and in results.

So the point here really is safety, please do your own research and do not accept everything you are told about essential oils, NEVER put ANYTHING on your skin that you are not sure about- just because something is natural does not mean that it is safe, or that it will be good for you.

Please stay safe, and as always if you have ANY questions about essential oils use or safety please get in touch with me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

*DISCLAIMER- I am not a doctor, nor an expert, this is my personal thoughts on essential oils safety, attained through research, talking with experts in the field and personal trial and error. This information is purely my own findings and “for information purposes only”.